““Enlisting Faith” deserves to be read by anyone interested in an underexplored aspect of the intersection of religion and the state or, even more, in the stories of those who honorably served them both.”
— Marc M. Arkin, in the Wall Street Journal

“Ronit Stahl’s book is a thoughtful and well-researched account of a singular religious institution, the military chaplaincy, that has weathered a century of profound social change…[she] writes with considerable literary flair…Perhaps the greatest value of this book is that it shows us how the U.S. military has been a social laboratory for many decades, thanks in large part to its seemingly innocuous and oft overlooked chaplains.”
— Michael Peterson, on The Strategy Bridge

“I am impressed with the work. Great detail. The book addresses many of the gaps in my own knowledge of the history and I am a retired Army chaplain.”
— @CityLiturgyGuy on Twitter