WPA Posters from the Library of Congress.

Courses Taught @ WUSTL (2014-16)

Virtues, Vices, Values: Regulating Morality in Modern America

The Devil in the Details: Religion and the Constitution in the United States

Additional Syllabi

Voyages of Discovery: Americans in the World

Migrating Moderns: Global Jewish Experiences Since 1492

Previous Courses

The United States, 1865-present (GSI, University of Michigan)

Religion in America (GSI, University of Michigan)

History of America Jews (GSI, University of Michigan)

Public Intellectuals in the United States (w/Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen, Wisconsin)


Additional course descriptions and syllabi available upon request. I have also served as a teaching mentor, pedagogy consultant, and curriculum developer, and would be happy to discuss those experiences.